Dennis the Menace goes to a New Games Tournament



In 1976 Hank Ketcham had Dennis the Menace attend a New Games Tournament. This is the best current digital image I have of these pages. Will provide higher-resolution images when they become available.



Text of the above reads:


Are you dressed, Alice?




I don't call pants bein' dressed. I call a dress bein' dressed!


It depends on what you're dressing for.




Are you gonna let mom wear the pants in the family, dad?


Let's not play games, son!


But we are, Henry!


We are going to play games!


Oh... sure.


You mean we're gonna play games? The three of us?


Do ya b'lieve this, Mr. Wilson? The three of us are gonna play some kinda games!


Oh, I believe it all right.


In fact, we're going to join you!


Yes, indeedy


Mrs. Wilson... wearin' pants?


Hi, children!


Is ever'body in the whole world goin' to play games?




Speaking of the world... there it is!


I don't b'lieve it!


It can't be!






Text of the above reads:


Holy smokes, Joey... That's the whole world!


How come we're not on it?


You 'member the story 'bout Chicken Little... Who thought the sky was fallin'?



Welll... watch out... the Earth is fallin'!




We want to go thataway!


They won't let us!


You look like Atlas, George, holding up thie world!


Well, lend a hand... Mrs. Atlas!


There's the North Pole. Joey... Where Santa lives!


Hi, Santa!


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