The History of New Games and the New Games Foundation

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Early Audio-Video Information about New Games

In 1976 a slide show about the history and philosophy of New Games was created.


"Make a Wish" was a children's television program on the ABC network. The segment "If You Were a Foot" was filmed at an early New Games Tournament. (The video lasts for three minutes and forty-five seconds.)


Warning: The entire slideshow runs a bit over twenty-seven minutes and features a soundtrack with a lot of banjo music. You may also be at risk of being amazed by the fashion sense of the mid-1970s.

New Games Wiki

The New Games Wiki is a group attempt to record the history of New Games. You are invited to join the game and add your thoughts.

Jump Like Everybody's Watching

Wanna play a game?


The logo for the New Games Foundation is the Jumping Girl that can be seenin the top right corner of this page. The game is to create a kinestasis video of lots of different people (including you, if you like) emulating this leap of joy.


Submit a photo of yourself jumping in the air and the will be included with a montage of similar folk jumping. Scroll over the image to see it come to live.


Please send your image(s) to todd at new games foundation dot org. (Replace thw words "at" and "dot" with the appropriate punctuation and delete the spaces.

Dice Stacking

A cross between juggling and magic, dice stacking is a fun way to mystify your friends and your self.


A main principle of New Games is to empower players to adapt and create their own games. One of the more empowering skills for many people is to realize they can juggle. Here is a web site that explains all sorts of juggling and object-manipulation skills.

Diabolo Postcards

Diabolos have had their ups and downs for hundreds of years. At various times diabolos were as popular as Hula Hoops, fidget spinners, and Rubik's Cube. View some of the antique diabolo postcards that were a craze in France and England around 1906 through 1907.


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