New Games Slide Show 7

In 1976 a slide show about the history and philosophy of New Games was created. You can view it here.


Individual images of the slide show are below. To make loading easier there are nine pages of slides.


Can you identify any of the people in the images? Send me the information and I will update these pages. Thanks.


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Page 7 (this page) contains images 121-140.


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New Games Slide Show 9 of 9 (Images 161-178)

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Slides 121 - 140

Slide 121 Neighborhood Groups XXX XXX XXX



Slide 122 Refreshments XXX XXX XXX



Slide 123 Water Buffalo XXX XXX XXX



Slide 124 Stilt Walking XXX XXX XXX



Slide 125 Juggling XXX XXX XXX



Slide 126 Music XXX XXX XXX



Slide 127 Cardboard instruments XXX XXX XXX



Slide 128 Fort City XXX XXX XXX



Slide 129 Trampoline XXX XXX XXX



Slide 130 Trampoline XXX XXX XXX



Slide 131 Giant Pick-Up Sticks XXX XXX XXX



Slide 132 Group Mural XXX XXX XXX



Slide 133 Group Weaving XXX XXX XXX



Slide 134 Kite   XXX XXX



Slide 134 Kite XXX XXX XXX



Slide 136 Kite XXX XXX XXX



Slide 137 Hay Toss   XXX XXX



Slide 138 Hay Toss version two XXX XXX XXX



Slide 139 Hay Toss version two   XXX XXX



Slide 140 Tug of War XXX XXX XXX


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